New Hurdle Conquered

On : 27 January, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

I have been waiting for this day.  The day that Jian would feel confident enough to practice in public the things she has been practicing in our home.  Tonight after CrossFit, everyone was just kind of doing their own thing.  Jian and I were across the room and needed to go over and get our […]

Jian’s First Christmas

On : 24 January, 2014 | Category : 2014

Until this year, Jian had never experienced the Christmas season.  Needless to say, she was so excited she could hardly contain herself.  She loved putting up the Christmas tree and hanging up the “socks.”  She knew that we were supposed to make a snack for Santa.  I reminded her after working all week that we […]

Jian’s Claim to Fame

On : 24 January, 2014 | Category : 2014

We take Jian with us when we do CrossFit on a regular basis.  Actually, the day after we came home, she wanted to go to the gym with us.  When she watches everyone working out, she lets it all sink in, and then she wants to try.  She had already taught herself to walk on […]

“Ya Ya is Coming Home!”

On : 24 January, 2014 | Category : 2014

When we brought Jian home, she left behind the only family she had ever known.  Several children around the same age had all grown up at the orphanage and lived together as “siblings.”  Her very best friend, whom Jian calls Ya Ya, was so sad when we left.  Jian has been grieving for her “sister” to come home.  Last […]

HUGE progress!

On : 14 January, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Tonight we got home and pulled into our basement garage.  Jian got out of the car.  I told her to practice walking all by herself through the garage and basement and to the stairs.  She did it.  Then she held the handrail and walked up the entire flight of stairs.  Then she walked through the […]

Independent Walking in the Classroom

On : 11 January, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Jian’s number one goal is to walk independently without using a cane or wearing her leg brace.  So this is what we practice at home.  Every.  Single.  Day.  My hope has been that she will become so confident with her ability that she will start to do it on her own within her classroom at […]