A Letter To Myself This New Year

On : 6 January, 2018 | Category : 2018


Dear Stacie,


I know you have been waiting patiently for this time to arrive. One of your happiest times of year.  Time to clear out the old baggage and dream of lofty new goals to accomplish.  I know what you have been thinking about.  You saw that billboard this time last year advertising the 26 mile trail run to raise money for Make A Wish Foundation.  This cause is dear to your heart for obvious reasons.  And you’re a fit person, after all.  Do you enjoy running, even for half a mile?  Not in the least.  But are you ready to jump headfirst into this challenge? Absolutely!


Then there’s the other thing that has been weighing on your heart for months.  Ever since you heard about the Deaf Village in Uganda.  Those sweet children, once scorned by society, have now found a safe haven where they can be loved and educated and taught their worth through the gospel.  Oh how you would love to sponsor every one of them if you could.  And you want to go there in person and physically help attend to their needs.  Sure, they have interpreters, but you would want to learn sign language before going there, of course.


And what about these ten different books you have swirling around in your head, just begging to be written?  Surely this year you can publish the first one.


If I know you, you will make a list of these goals, map out what it would take to accomplish them, write out a timeline, and check them all off before December.


But what if I challenged you even further than that?  What if, instead of being the Martha you are so good at being, you disciplined yourself to be more of a Mary this year?  What if you said, “No” to everything that comes your way that is a distraction and time-consumer?  This would give you more time and energy to direct toward those who need you most right now.




(Waiting for Santa 2017)


You say every year that this year will be the best year yet.  And I don’t doubt that if you learn this discipline of being still, that you will be able to say the same for 2018.


And hey, if you miss running around like a chicken with your head cut off, you can always train for that marathon next year!




The new calmer, wiser, more patient and grounded You


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