Almost Done!

On : 11 June, 2014 | Category : 2014

Jian woke up bright and early feeling great today.  After she released all of that frustration yesterday, she was the back to her loving, sweet self for the rest of the night.  She worked for 3 hours from one activity to the next to the point of complete exhaustion today.  She has been working on tall kneeling which is very difficult for her, using her crutches all over the building playing hide and seek, working with bungees to strengthen specific muscle groups, transitioning from sit to stand, and her favorite game today was a dance game that she played on the Wii.  They tried to alternate between lower body activities and core work, but even with these rest breaks for her legs, she kept collapsing over and over from exhaustion today.  The therapist even recommended that I just carry her out to the car this time.  So we went to CrossFit for me to do my workout afterwards, and I looked over and saw her on the rowing machine asking me how many calories I thought she could row!  Then she challenged 3 of our coaches to a handstand race.  I guess she has recovered already!  We will go back on Friday for her post-test and one more session at the fun gym that she loved playing in last week.  She is sad and says she is really going to miss her therapists.

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