Faith and Works

On : 29 March, 2021 | Category : 2021

One of the things I love about CrossFit is that it forces you to be a well-rounded athlete. It is a game of generalization, not specialization. Early on, I hated this about CrossFit. By nature, my instinct is to find something I’m decent at and focus in on that thing with 200% intensity until I […]


On : 22 August, 2020 | Category : 2020

  During the last quarter of 2019, I started to feel a build up inside of myself. I started explaining to Daniel that I thought something really big was about to happen. I felt like we had been fighting our way through quicksand for years, and that we were about to see some kind of […]

Light in the Darkness

On : 6 July, 2020 | Category : 2020

  This 4th of July weekend we were visiting my mom in Tennessee. One morning I went to take my shower and get ready for the day, in her bathroom which does not contain any windows. Unexpectedly, the power went off throughout the house. There was zero light in that bathroom, and all I could […]

Back To Normal

On : 19 April, 2020 | Category : 2020

  Before our adoptions, part of our education process was learning about cocooning. Put yourself in the shoes of a child who, for 8 years, has only known the four walls that surround her. Being removed from that environment by strangers, put on a big airplane, flown across the world to a place where no […]

Help in times of trouble

On : 2 April, 2020 | Category : 2020

  The world slowly began to hear about it. News snippets on tv. Terrible things happening in a country half way across the globe.   Hmmm…that’s kinda sad…   Click the remote, hurry out the door. Go to work, plan a trip, meet a friend for coffee.   There are people dying. This is extremely […]

Defend The Fatherless

On : 20 February, 2020 | Category : 2020

  One of my favorite things in the whole world to watch is Jian playing defense. Something comes alive in her when she rolls out onto the court, and as a result, something comes alive inside of me too. Watching her “turn it on” and push as quickly as she can with singular focus is […]

Full of Hope

On : 30 December, 2019 | Category : 2019

  Tomorrow marks the end of another year, which causes us all to reflect upon the past and set new goals and visions for the future. Up until a couple years ago, every year that passed I declared to be our “best year yet!” I cannot honestly say the same for 2018 and 2019. Both […]

Whatever It Takes

On : 4 December, 2019 | Category : 2019

  On a couple of different occasions, our preacher has presented a lesson, such as when Jesus heals the blind man in John 9, and has made this statement: “What parent wouldn’t do everything they possibly can in order to help their child?”   This question cuts like a knife. As I am hearing it, […]

Wheelchair Basketball News Clip

On : 14 August, 2019 | Category : Videos of Jian

Make A Wish

On : 14 August, 2019 | Category : 2019

  When you’re contemplating adopting a child whom you’ve been told has a fatal health condition and is already living on borrowed time, it does some very interesting things to your mind. From the time I met Faith until the day we officially started the process of her adoption, my mind was tormented on a […]