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Just now getting to update everyone due to technical difficulties and exhaustion from jet lag.  So, this past Tuesday, we had designated the day for packing and driving to Atlanta.  We had not counted on both waking up sick.  It was a very difficult day, but we survived and drove to Atlanta late that night and were able to get some rest.  Wednesday, we went to the airport and experienced effortless travel to South Korea and then to Beijing, arriving Thurs night here.  This entire year I have tried to pray every day that Jian would feel the Lord’s peace wrapped around her like a blanket, and I can tell that some people were praying the same for me this week.


As we were getting ready to leave, everyone kept asking the same questions:  Are you ready to go? and Are you nervous?  It is almost eerie that the bit of anxiety I generally feel on a daily basis has not been present. We arrived at the Beijing airport completely exhausted.  Our guide met us and took us to the hotel.  Everywhere in Beijing takes hours to drive because of the traffic.  The lines on the roads may as well be non-existent.  Drivers, people on bicycles and people walking just go wherever they want, but somehow no one seems to get hurt or into an accident.


I can’t describe how crowded and busy the city is.  They have 20 million people.  I mastered using the squatty potty quickly.  The breakfast buffet only had 2 items on it that either of us would agree to eat: toast and Chinese Cheerios.  Of course we can only safely drink bottled water.  Everyone smokes here, and the hotel reeked of cigarette smoke.  The guide was fabulous and took us on lots of great tours the next 2 days to allow us time to recover from jet lag and to learn more about Jian’s heritage.  She took us to some fabulous Chinese restaurants for lunches and dinners.  Today, we flew from Beijing to Changsha, which is the capital city of Hunan Provence where we will meet Jian tomorrow morning.  It will be Father’s Day in the US 🙂

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