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During the last quarter of 2019, I started to feel a build up inside of myself. I started explaining to Daniel that I thought something really big was about to happen. I felt like we had been fighting our way through quicksand for years, and that we were about to see some kind of a huge breakthrough. The New Year rolled around, and I felt even more optimistic. In my antiquated paper calendar, at the top of the page for the month of January, I wrote the word again: BREAKTHROUGH.



Something had rattled me a few months prior, which got this whole ball rolling. Something that caused me to see, more than ever before, that literally NOTHING matters except for those things which are spiritual in nature that will last an eternity.


The first thing we did was start a plan for building a new (downsized) house (again.)  We had decided 2 years prior to sell our dream home in order to slash our mortgage by 2/3. This allowed me to give up my career and have all of my time and energy available to devote to the girls’ needs.  We had begun the Dave Ramsey plan of being debt free right after we got married, and at age 37 were 8 years away from owning our dream home free and clear. The old me would have thought that sounded like a very reasonable plan. The new me thought of those 8 years as a prison sentence.  Eight years that we would have been in limbo, focused on paying off that mortgage, stressed about providing the therapies and care the girls needed. Eight years of not having cash freed up for others who may need it more than we did. I had already missed out on the first 8 years of the girls’ lives. No way was I going to spend the next 8 focused on paying for a stupid house.


So we moved into a home that was great for us at the time. All along, though, I knew we wouldn’t be there long.  As I started to crack the code on what it was going to take for our special family to receive all of the healing that we needed, one line in our budget was glaringly obvious. We needed to see $0 in the Mortgage section.  So we took a leap of faith and signed a contract to begin construction with no contingency upon the sell of our home. Our plan was to list our house for sale a few months later, in April 2020, which, according to our plan, should give us just enough time to get it sold when our new house was expected to be finished in June/July. (I don’t know why we didn’t see a worldwide pandemic brewing…)



February came, and the last week of that month, Jian became the youngest child in the world to receive her specialized leg brace that had been in the works, really since she came home. (I realize that I still need to tell the whole story about how that whole thing “fell into place” also.)



The second weekend of March, Jian and I were scheduled to travel to Baltimore for 2 weeks of intensive training with her new brace. Midweek, all sporting events and flights were cancelled all over the country due to COVID 19. Nevertheless, we hopped in a car and took the 2 day trip up there. For the next 2 weeks, Jian was the only patient in the clinic for multiple hours every day (aside from maybe one patient for an hour here or there.)



By the time we got home in April, everything had closed down. Gyms, restaurants, hair salons. I literally had nothing to do and nowhere to go. Which was perfect. I was able to comb through every inch of our house, sell things, get rid of things we didn’t need, and get it staged in time to put it on the market as planned. All the while, hoping that not very many people (along with their germs) would want to come and look at it!


We had long been planning another 3 week therapy in Denver beginning the 2nd week of May, and I was on pins and needles wondering if it would be cancelled.  It was not, and we had one of the best experiences I have ever had at an airport. The trip was amazing and all that we hoped it would be. While in Denver, I “stumbled upon” a certification course that was also an exact answer to years of prayer. This is another one I’m going to have to write up in more depth later, but Wow, Just Wow! Things were definitely falling into place.



We got home in June, and the second weekend we got a contract on our house. Perfect timing for us to get packed up and close on our new house the next month…



Sans Mortgage!!




We got settled in right away and are now living our “new normal.” The fact that all of us have been home together has been just what the doctor ordered. Less stress. More time for activities to promote attachment and to do the hard work each day that each of us has to put in to enable our family to function smoothly.


(Going home at the end of move-in day)


I have sort of sat back and held my breath as I watched others all around wishing this year would just be overwith, already.  Because 2020 has been the greatest gift, possibly of my lifetime.


There, I said it.


I really don’t want this year to end.


One of the things I marvel at the most is how God uses the most unlikely of people and circumstances to accomplish the greatest of things. In His perfect, usually unexpected, timing. All to show HIS glory and power.



A baby born in a cattle trough whose parents had to resort to offering two birds, because they could not afford a lamb. Some thirty years later, THE Lamb would be offered on a cross, whose blood can wash away the sins of anyone who will hear His voice and obey it.


I firmly believe that God can turn 2020 into an amazing gift for each one of us. If your eyes have been opened to the foolishness of this world, please know that there is another Way. (John 14:6) Maybe it’s time to remove the scales from our eyes and bury these temporary concerns in order to live a new life with Him. (Romans 6:3-4)


Because one day, when we least expect it, He’s coming back to take His family home with Him. And none of the worries from 2020 will matter anymore.


You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20

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