Casting Our Cares on Him

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jian glassesLie on your back on the floor.  Keep your legs out straight and raise them slightly until your low back touches the floor.  Raise your head and upper back until the bottom tips of your shoulder blades are still touching the floor. Now see how long you can hold this position.  I was able to take a break again this week and go to CrossFit. Yesterday after the workout, we did some ab work.  One part of the task was to do 4 rounds of holding this “hollow rock” position as described above for 20 seconds.  I will admit that after the other work I had done, on rounds 3 and 4 I was ready to take a break by the 12-15 second mark.


This is basically the position that Jian is casted in for 5 weeks without getting a break.  Now imagine being in that same position and needing to do a modified crab walk using only 1 foot with the other leg straight out in front of you with a heavy weight on it in order to do simple things like get in bed or get on the potty.  She is already kind of “over” this whole cast thing, and when I found myself starting to lose my patience with her irritability, I thought about those 20 seconds of hollow holds.  What a strong girl she is.  She is also starting to get tired of being woken up around the clock to take her pain medicine.  She is tolerating going longer between doses, which is great because she literally never takes any medications so is experiencing all of the side effects.


Today marks 1 week down with 4 more to go before having the cast removed.  On that day (June 8) if she is up for it, he will do the knee reconstruction. If things go as expected, she will not have to be recasted, but will have a brace on her knee and can begin physical therapy after the initial hospital stay.  Often in CrossFit, we do a workout involving 5 rounds of a series of exercises.  Usually I spend the first round just kind of getting started. Then from about the middle of round 2 to the beginning of round 4, I have all kinds of negative thoughts running through my mind:  Why am I doing this? I could be at home doing something more comfortable or more fun.  This is too hard.  What is coming next? Will this ever end?  Then I get my second wind and allow the “good cop” to take over: Just get through this round and one more.  You can do that.  You are so strong.  You will feel great when you are finished. This will all be worth it. I am hoping to use these same mental strategies during the next 4 weeks. It helps so much that Daniel is here, and we can give each other breaks. I knew before we came that dealing with this cast would be the hardest part for all of us.  She is confined to this house in a reclining wheelchair until it comes off.  Considering all of that and how active she likes to be, I would say that she is doing better than I probably would be doing in her circumstance.daniel cast


It helps that we have developed a daily routine.  I make breakfast, help her with grooming tasks, then we do her schoolwork and some exercises to keep her right leg strong.  Then I usually put something in the crockpot for our dinner.  Then we play, I make lunch, do laundry etc. Then she usually plays a video game with Daniel while I go exercise.  Then we have dinner and clean the kitchen and watch a movie.  Then we read a book before bed.  Doesn’t sound like much, but the day is over after we do these things because of all the extra time and effort involved.  It is also helping greatly to receive lots of mail and cards every day to keep her encouraged.  Yesterday she received a packet of 70 hand made cards from a group of children that just blew her away!  Tomorrow she has a follow up doctor’s appointment, so at least we can push her across the street in the wheelchair to get out of the house for that. Considering that she waited 8 years in China to come home to her family, I”m sure getting through the next 4 weeks in this cast will be a piece of cake.  And the outcomes will be so worth it!


No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.  Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”  Hebrews 12:11

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