This Year Was Really Fast!

On : 19 December, 2017 | Category : 2017

  On December 19, 2016 we awoke in a Chinese Holiday Inn and prepared to go meet our second daughter.  She lived in northern China, and the weather was very cold.  I was still getting re-accustomed to the Chinese breakfast buffet, but Jian made sure to finish multiple plates before we headed out.  Our guide, […]

Blessings, Not Burdens

On : 12 December, 2017 | Category : 2017

  We have an election coming up in Alabama tomorrow to select a new Senator, and it is full of controversy and debate.  Politics is one thing I never lose an ounce of sleep over because Romans 13:1 tells us that God is in control.  However, the argument I have seen supporting the abortion of […]

The Alter G

On : 6 December, 2017 | Category : 2017

  About 2 ½ years ago, I experienced one of the lowest moments in my life.  Jian had been home for a couple of years at that time, and we had been working so hard on her therapy and trying to help her achieve her goal of walking.  We kept hitting roadblocks everywhere we turned, […]


On : 27 November, 2017 | Category : 2017

  This Thanksgiving we decided to take advantage of the girls being out of school all week by taking a family vacation.  I started researching and comparing several cruise lines months ago.  We found a 7 night Western Caribbean Cruise with Royal Caribbean at the best deal and started making our plans.  The day before […]

The Lakeshore Foundation

On : 14 November, 2017 | Category : 2017

  This past summer our family was re-introduced to the Lakeshore Foundation, which is a wonderful organization right here in Birmingham.  Their mission is to enable people with physical disabilities and chronic health conditions to lead healthy, active and independent lifestyles.  When Jian first came home, I took her there and enrolled her in swim […]

Faith’s First Fun Run

On : 16 October, 2017 | Category : 2017

  Last week at school, the girls had their annual Fun Run fundraiser.  This was Faith’s first year to participate.  She got caught up for the couple of weeks leading up to it with all of the little prizes the students received for bringing in donations.  The night before the Fun Run, she took a […]

Healing Our Heart Defect

On : 25 September, 2017 | Category : 2017

  Around this time last year, we were in the full swing of trying to bring Faith home as soon as possible.  I had it on my mind constantly.  One night, I had a dream that I was talking to someone who said, “I know you think you are bringing her home to help her […]

The Cost of Adoption

On : 2 September, 2017 | Category : 2017

  “It’s a shame that adoption costs so much.  If it weren’t so expensive, more people would do it.”   I have heard this statement and seen comments similar to this numerous times on social media.  Recently when I came across it again, it caused me to pause.  And I began to wonder:  Where exactly […]

Tent Camping

On : 1 August, 2017 | Category : 2017

For the most part, I try to be very purposeful in keeping our family’s schedule routine and underwhelmed.  But as this past school year was drawing to an end, I realized that we had a big opportunity this summer to make a lot of fun memories together.  Faith has been with us 7 months now […]

Broken Things

On : 10 July, 2017 | Category : 2017

  Thirteen years ago today, I became Daniel’s wife.  During the weeks and months leading up to our wedding, we were showered with gifts from our friends and family.  One place that we registered was Pier 1 Imports.  I knew nothing about home décor, but just chose things that appealed to me at the time.  […]