Last day in Guangzhou

On : 27 June, 2013 | Category : China

Last night we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Jian wouldn’t touch any of the food with a 10 foot pole. I don’t think she’s ever had anything tomato based. We bought her some spicy chicken wings to eat in the hotel. She will randomly say “ABCDEFG!” After breakfast today she fed the goldfish […]

Consulate appointment

On : 26 June, 2013 | Category : China

Last night we went on our Riverboat Dinner Cruise.  Jian was very excited about getting on the boat and being on the water.  She loved seeing the buildings lit up at night from the water.  She ate a plate full of shrimp faster than I could peel them.  I think she’s going to like going […]

More shopping

On : 25 June, 2013 | Category : China

Last night we went to eat with some of the other families in our group. Jian continues to feel more comfortable with them, smiling and giving “high fives.” She continues to bond with Daniel, just in a different way. Last night during their nightly wrestling match/pillow fight, I heard him yell, “Oh no! Not the […]

Tough day for Jian’s mama

On : 25 June, 2013 | Category : China

The fact that we will be leaving China soon is hitting me really hard. Only 2 more full days here before we go to the airport. Jian is doing so great here I wish so badly that we could just push pause and stay a while longer. I don’t want her to have any more […]

Shopping/sight seeing

On : 23 June, 2013 | Category : China

Today was good because there was no paperwork for us to be working on.  We went with a group of several other adoptive families with our guide to go shopping and sight seeing. Jian slept well again, although almost every night she yells out something in Mandarin while sleeping.  It is frightening to us, but […]

First time at the zoo

On : 23 June, 2013 | Category : China

Today we went to the zoo. We had been told by another family to go to the Safari Park instead. It is huge and has lots of shows and more to do but is further away, more expensive and no one else in our group wanted to go so we just went to the zoo. […]

First flight!

On : 22 June, 2013 | Category : China

Yesterday we left Jian’s province. It was her first time on an airplane. She sweetly told our guide goodbye. She was excited and totally fine. I was choking back tears at the thought that my sweet girl was leaving the place she has always lived rarely to return. I’m not sure she yet understands the […]

Medical exam

On : 22 June, 2013 | Category : China

We are now in Guangzhou where the US Consulate is located to finish business on the US side so Jian can enter our country. Today was her medical appointment and I have heard stories and was  worried about it. It was extremely crowded and hot. First she had to sit without me holding her to have […]

Embroidery Museum

On : 20 June, 2013 | Category : China

Today we went to receive our certificate of adoption and had our paperwork notarized. Then we went to an embroidery museum. Jian chose a piece to take home. Anytime she receives a special gift, I tell her it is from her dad. She says, “my dad has lots of money. My mom doesn’t have any.”  She […]

Funny, smart girl

On : 20 June, 2013 | Category : China

Jian slept well again last night. Although since she has never had a pillow to sleep on, she refuses to use one at the hotel. Her appetite is really getting bigger. At breakfast, she bypassed the usual rice and bread and chose broccoli, spinach, green beans, bacon and fruit. This Paleo mama was pleased! I […]