Progress with her crutches!

On : 24 July, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Jian is doing so much better with using her crutches!  This has been a huge point of stress for us.  When she is agreeable to using them, she can literally walk faster than I can and walks for about an hour without needing to rest.  She has just been so self conscious about using them that […]

Much faster!

On : 31 May, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Jian walked 50 feet inside our home today in 80 seconds.  She reached out and steadied herself only 4 times on the wall and furniture!

Improvement at The Red Barn

On : 27 May, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Last Thursday was Jian’s last horse therapy lesson. She will take a break over the summer due to the extreme heat and then hopefully she will want to do another 10 week series this Fall.  When she started a few months ago, the instructor would basically have to pick her up and put her on […]

More Strength and Confidence

On : 15 April, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Jian continues to improve strength, balance and confidence.  She has taken some independent steps on the uneven surface of the grass at the park. She has walked down a sidewalk independently with other people watching.  She walks to her Sunday School class without us now by holding onto the wall.  She used her cane to […]

Longer distances

On : 8 March, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

In the past couple of weeks, Jian has walked approximately 100 feet independently in public on multiple occasions!

More Independent Walking!

On : 17 February, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Last week was a weird week here.  We had threats of inclement weather and finally did get some snow Wednesday night.  As a result, Jian was out of school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  When I went to pick her up on Monday, she came to the car about 10 minutes later than usual.  Her […]

New Hurdle Conquered

On : 27 January, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

I have been waiting for this day.  The day that Jian would feel confident enough to practice in public the things she has been practicing in our home.  Tonight after CrossFit, everyone was just kind of doing their own thing.  Jian and I were across the room and needed to go over and get our […]

HUGE progress!

On : 14 January, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Tonight we got home and pulled into our basement garage.  Jian got out of the car.  I told her to practice walking all by herself through the garage and basement and to the stairs.  She did it.  Then she held the handrail and walked up the entire flight of stairs.  Then she walked through the […]

Independent Walking in the Classroom

On : 11 January, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Jian’s number one goal is to walk independently without using a cane or wearing her leg brace.  So this is what we practice at home.  Every.  Single.  Day.  My hope has been that she will become so confident with her ability that she will start to do it on her own within her classroom at […]

More Confident

On : 28 December, 2013 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Yesterday, we were getting ready to go somewhere, and Jian went to the front door, used the handrails to walk down the steps and started walking independently toward the car.  I wasn’t even outside yet.  She has NEVER attempted anything like this before.  She fell after a few steps, and I rushed over and picked […]