Coming out of her shell

On : 1 August, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

We have had another good week so far.  Every day I can see progress with how comfortable Jian is with me and Daniel, and as a result, with the people around us.  She informed me this week that she is “BaBa’s girl.”  (Daddy’s girl.)  She woke up one morning and wanted to go to work with him while I stayed home with Mina.  She tells me daily that Mina is “too big” and that she needs her own little dog that she can hold in her lap.  We were able to drop Jian off in Bible Class and leave her with the teachers this week, and she did great.  She was smiling and participating when we went back to get her. Afterwards, in the church assembly, she was the one in the back who was whispering too loudly and couldn’t sit still. I said to the person beside me, “I think she has come out of her shell!”


She is definitely comfortable and assertive with asking for her needs to be met, which is great.  I can only imagine if I were in her shoes.  I don’t think I would have told anyone if I needed to eat, go to the bathroom, felt cold, etc.  She continues to work harder and harder on her leg exercises, walking with her cane and going up and down stairs.  It is slow and difficult, but she is determined.  We see her orthopedist next week (along with 4 other appointments.)  I will be relieved to find out more and get the braces ordered for her legs, which should help her once she agrees to wear them.  We are ordering her a special bicycle which will allow her to also use her arms so that her legs don’t have to do all the work.  She is very proud of her hard work and gives herself verbal affirmations.  I will randomly hear her say to herself, “Good job, Jian!”


She continues to learn more English.  The cutest new thing she says is, “I’m sorry,” which sounds like, “I’m-a-solly, Mama.”  She ate her first hamburger, which I didn’t think she liked.  She ate only the patty covered in about half a bottle of ketchup.  She likes to hide things, especially the TV remote from Daniel and play dumb like she has no idea where it is.  She is a good little hider.  I think she is trying to tell him to quit watching TV and play with her 🙂  I have been overcome with thanksgiving this week for my new little companion.

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