Consulate appointment

On : 26 June, 2013 | Category : China

Last night we went on our Riverboat Dinner Cruise.  Jian was very excited about getting on the boat and being on the water.  She loved seeing the buildings lit up at night from the water.  She ate a plate full of shrimp faster than I could peel them.  I think she’s going to like going on cruises!  This morning we had to wake up earlier than usual for our appointment with the US Consulate.  It takes her a few minutes to wake up, but she is always sweet and smiling.  We went to the Consulate with 3 other families.  We took our Oath, stating that all of our adoption paperwork was true and accurate.  Once again my “adoption hormones” kicked in, and I started tearing up during the oath.  Not really sure why.  I guess I just realize this part of the journey is almost over.  They began processing our final paperwork.  Tomorrow afternoon we will be given her Travel Visa to enter the US.


We took Jian to a little playground at the hotel.  She had a blast.  I was so proud of her.  She stood and used 2 handrails to walk up the steps to the big slide rather than crawling and using her hands like she usually does.  She also used only her upper body to climb a pole!  I am so impressed by her strength.  This entire week, she has been unsure about going to the swimming pool. Every day we will ask her, and she will go back and forth changing her mind.  Finally she wanted to go today and loved it.  She does not kick at all with her left leg yet.  Once she can understand more English, we will take her to swim lessons.  She got upset with us at lunch and pouted and refused to eat for about 15 minutes.  Then she decided she was hungry and was fine.  She has been saying a phrase to us when she is mad about something.  We asked our guide, and she is saying, “Spit on daddy! Spit on mama!”  I guess she could be saying worse.  One more full day before we go to the airport!

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