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On : 6 February, 2016 | Category : 2016

be stillI am not really a morning person. I never have been. After becoming a mother and getting into a new set of routines, it is becoming easier to wake up earlier, but it still takes a few minutes initially.  Usually I set the alarm on my phone, and when I hear it, I reach over and turn it off. Then I take about 30-60 seconds to wake up by scanning any messages or emails that came through during the night. Most of them are just ads that I delete. But on December 8, I noticed an email that had been written late at night from our physical therapist in Atlanta. It was kind, but direct. He told me that after our last appointment he had done lots of research and studied Jian’s Xrays again and that we needed to get prepared to have major surgery this summer to correct the alignment in her hips.  The stretches were helping her muscles and soft tissue, but the angle of the bones themselves were going to need to be corrected.  He said that it would be difficult, but promised great results within 4-6 months.


Not the way I had planned to wake up.  I decided not to even mention anything to Jian until she had a chance to enjoy her Christmas break.  I spent the next week grieving heavily and letting everything that was about to be in store for us sink in. About a week and a half later I attended a brunch with lots of other moms in Birmingham who have adopted children from China. It was such a breath of fresh air. I had not met most of them, but through our conversations, I found 2 ladies whose daughters had been traveling to Baltimore to this amazing surgeon who was reconstructing their legs.  They gave me all of his contact info and told me to call any time with questions.  We had our final visit in Atlanta on December 28 and were given contact info to the Children’s Orthopedic Center there as well.  I prayed a lot about what to do. Atlanta certainly is closer, and they have some great doctors.  But my gut said Baltimore, and another random set of events led us back to them as well.  I called and got a recording that the coordinator would be out of the office until after the first of the year. I waited a couple of weeks with no returned call, so out of curiosity I called Atlanta.  They told me pretty immediately that they did not feel equipped to take us on.  So after a bit of phone tag we finally connected this week with the coordinator in Baltimore.  She was kind and patient and asked me to bring Jian a week from this Thursday for a thorough evaluation. She explained that the doctor would be leaving the following week for a mission trip and that it would be best to get our surgery scheduled for summer ASAP.


So I geared up all day to prepare Jian for this upcoming trip.  She worked through it with some normal fear and lots of questions, and then I booked our plane tickets.  Meanwhile, an unexpected bomb was dropped on our neighborhood about rezoning schools for next year, which would surely throw her for another big loop. I knew I would have to mention it at least briefly because people would be talking about it at school.  I told her that it’s not official and not to worry about it until we know more.  We will have to put this on the back burner for now.


So that’s the latest.  We should have a lot more info and details in 2 weeks.  Jian and I both ran around in panic mode for about a day, then came to our senses. A sense of peace is now washing over me.  Without any prompting, she prayed for our trip last night.  She knows where to turn for help, and for this I am most grateful.  We would love as many of you to pray fervently for the next 2 weeks and feel free to add us to your prayer lists at church.  I am specifically praying for safe travels, good weather (we’re not used to the north!), peace for our family, and a confident plan from the surgeon for the best possible outcomes.  I was reminded of these verses in Exodus 14 this week: “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you…The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still.”  I know for sure that He did not work this whole plan out just to abandon us at this tipping point.  It is very difficult for me, but I am practicing just being still, and I can’t wait to watch everything continue to unfold.

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