Dear Faith, You Are Loved!

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My sweet Faith,


You are loved! Did you hear me?  You are so loved, little girl!  This week we had a fundraiser to help bring you home.  You would not believe all of the people who came and helped and worked so hard for this event.


Once you get home and get settled in with our family, you will be starting school. We think it is the best school ever to help you and Jian learn and grow.  The teachers at this school are so special.  They love their students and always go the extra mile to do anything they can do to help.  They are the ones who wanted to organize this fundraiser for us.


For over a month, we have been meeting and planning and working hard to make this night a success. Businesses all over our city have freely donated their goods and services for us to sell at our silent auction.  There is a delicious Chinese restaurant where we live.  They donated the Chinese food for our event.  You will love eating there when you come home.


Our neighborhood is so supportive, and we had our dinner at the clubhouse in our neighborhood. It looked so nice and fancy.  We did not have to pay for the building, and they even gave us money to pay for the remainder of our barbecue for the dinner!  You will love living in this neighborhood and making friends here.



Our church family is unlike any other. So many people pray for you every single day.  The children at our church pray for you every night.  (And I think God listens especially closely when children pray.)  The ladies at our church are the best cooks.  They organized a huge dessert auction for our event.  You will love the potlucks that we have with our church group when you come home!



We have an unusually supportive community from our CrossFit gym. I hope you don’t think it’s weird to have a mom with big muscles.  I like to exercise and keep myself healthy so that I can have the energy to take care of you and Jian.  You will love our gym and the people there.  Many people from our CrossFit gym came on Thursday night.  One of them who really doesn’t even eat sweet foods paid a hundred dollars for a platter of chocolate chip cookies!  You are loved, my sweet girl!


Our family is kind of small, but it is so very loving. Everyone in our family is SO excited that you are coming home.  Many of them do not have a lot of extra money, but they are giving everything they can spare for you.  Your great grandmother came from Tennessee, and she almost NEVER leaves home for anything!  Your two grandmas have the most loving hearts.  That’s where your dad and I learned to love and help people.  Your aunt and uncle came and were some of the ones who worked so hard to set everything up before the party.  You are loved, my Faith!



Everything turned out beautifully! My prayer is that you could somehow feel and know how much the people here already love you.  We raised a LOT of money on Thursday night!  At least enough to buy all of our plane tickets for the trip to China!  We still have more to raise, and that is ok.  Because it means that we have the chance to go to other events and tell all of the people there about how God helped us find you.



We thank God for the special girl that you are, and we can’t wait to bring you home soon!


We love you,



P.S. I will be teaching you a lot about God and prayer and the Bible. Here is the first verse I would like to share with you:

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

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