Dear Younger Me: It’s Your Wedding Day!

On : 11 July, 2016 | Category : How this all came about


Dear Younger Me,


Look at you!  You are absolutely glowing!  You are so excited that this day has arrived, you can hardly believe it is happening.  This man you are about to marry seems too good to be true.  He is exactly what you have been praying for, and then some.  He puts you on a pedestal.  He adores you.  He consistently shows you love, even on days when you act unlovable.  What did you ever do to deserve this?


Today you are bright-eyed and optimistic. You feel that there is nothing too difficult for the two of you to overcome. You have your life all planned out.  You’re going to conquer the world and grab all the gusto you can along the way.  You feel that the two of you are complete, with your careers and your travels.  He understands that babies are not part of your plans.



But this man, the man whom you love, he longs to have a child one day. He will be so patient, and he will pray for you every day, asking the Lord to soften your heart.  It’s not your fault.  You have both weathered some big storms in the past, and you have survived by building up scars and calluses.


This man you are about to marry prayed for you. He pleaded with God to send him a wife who would help him to grow spiritually.  And that woman is you.  You have no idea of the potential that you have, once you allow God to truly take control of your heart and your life.


You will have a daughter one day. In fact, she will be born exactly 8 months after your wedding day.  But you won’t meet her until many years later.  This is not like anything you have planned.  She will overtake your heart like nothing you have ever experienced.  You will feel scared and confused and out of control, but have the courage to trust God on this.  He has had this planned all along.


This daughter will be exactly what the two of you have been searching for. Together with God, the three of you will help each other heal the wounds from your pasts.  It will be a bumpy ride to say the least, but the three of you are tougher than most.  You’ve had to be.


There will be a huge community that rallies around you. It will absolutely blow your mind.  Their love is sincere, and they want to help.  Let them in.  The two of you have always felt most comfortable hiding in the background, but there will come a time when God will nudge you to step forward out of your comfort zone.  Do it.  Allow yourself to shine.  Not highlighting yourself, but allowing the awesomeness of God to be seen through you.



Satan will not like this when he sees it happening. He will try everything in his power to tempt you and make you stumble.  You will feel attacked and like you’re going crazy and like you want to give up.  You will question the goodness of this man that you are head over heels in love with today.   None of this is from God.  Stay in His word.  Keep Him by your side as your daily companion.  Fix your gaze upon Him when the storms rage around you, and you will weather these storms.


As you stand here on your wedding day, you don’t need to know that all of this will happen. It will come when the Lord knows that everyone is ready.  Do your best to enjoy one day at a time.  You will get better at doing this, too.  The future is not scary.  You don’t need to control it.  And trust me, you don’t want to.  Because if you do, you will miss out on the most precious gift the two of you could have ever imagined.


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