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After spending her entire summer in a body cast last year, I promised Jian fun things for this year.  In fact, we told her that if she was cooperative with her surgery and recovery that we would take her to Disney World.  The full recovery took several months, and by then, we had jumped head first into Faith’s adoption, so Disney was no longer a priority on our agenda.


Then last month Daniel was scheduled to go to a conference in Orlando. He told me that he would be there for a week and wondered if we wanted to come and go to the parks.  Um…yeah!  I picked Jian up from school on a Thursday, and drove the girls for 9 hours to arrive late that night.  (Because of Faith’s oxygen levels, we do not plan to fly with her again.)  They were on their best behaviors for the entire trip!


On Friday we spent a long, full day at the Magic Kingdom.  And magical it was!  Faith loves all of the princesses, and Jian is a fan of the original Disney characters.


(checking to see if Rapunzel’s hair is real)

They both walked all over the park for a good 12 hours, riding the rides, seeing the parade, eating Mickey ice cream, and watching the fireworks show.  At the Monster’s Inc. Comedy Show, Faith was even chosen to play a part on camera and be interviewed with the microphone!

(Daisy trying to steal a kiss)


Daniel and I had a blast as well.  My family tells me that I have acted like an adult from the time I was very young, so I had some making up to do!


We spent Saturday at the Animal Kingdom and stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge that evening.  It was another full day with lots of fun rides, shows and food.  At the character dinner, Goofy unexpectedly swept me off my feet, which Jian got a HUGE kick out of.

(Look at Jian’s face!)


I did not realize it when we planned the trip, but the Sunday that we drove back home was Mother’s Day.  We were able to enjoy a delicious breakfast at the resort before hitting the road.


I am so thankful for these memories with our girls and for the gift of good health that made the weekend possible.


James 1:16-17 “Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father…”

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