Elsa Started School

On : 2 March, 2015 | Category : 2015

When Jian came home and was looking through our photo albums, she saw pictures of Mina, our great dane, when she attended obedience school and a picture of her wearing a graduation cap.  Since then, Jian has been obsessed with getting her own puppy and taking the puppy to “school.”  Saturday was Elsa’s first day.  We have been having quite a time with this cute little fur ball chewing up things and not understanding the concept of potty training.  I was very relieved that she responded well to the class.  We let Jian take charge and give Elsa the commands of responding to her name and coming when called.  Jian didn’t like the part where the teacher talked a lot, but her face lit up, and she loved the hands-on practice with Elsa.



There is another lady in the class with her puppy, and she kept describing this puppy as being strong-willed and stubborn and having difficulty following instructions.  It all sounded very familiar…  I’ve had several people asking me lately how Jian is doing, and I realized I haven’t been doing many updates.  Sometimes it is because things are going well, and we are busy, and there’s really nothing to tell.  But many times it’s becuase we are really struggling with behaviors, and I don’t want to share all of the negative details with everyone.  I have spoken with our social workers who assure me that we are not alone.  They say that for people who are preparing to adopt a child with a special need, before the adoption, the main focus is on the physical special need.  But after they get home, the main concern is the child’s emotional struggles.  I am going to be on a Parent Panel soon to help answer questions about this issue for parents who are preparing to travel for their adoptions. The good thing is that Jian has been with us long enough that we are better able to redirect her, to see her triggers coming and to give her comfort.


On a positive note, Jian has recently started asking if she can sign up to play soccer.  At first I thought she was confused about which sport she was asking about.  I said, “Soccer?  The one where you run and kick the ball?”  She knew exactly what she was talking about and was adamant about wanting to play soccer.  I told her that if she wants to play soccer that she will play soccer.  We have reached out to a local coach to see when she can sign up and the details involved.  This strong-willed, determined girl is who we fell in love with, and I am quite sure that if she wants to play soccer that she will figure out a way to do it!

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