Faith’s First Fun Run

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Last week at school, the girls had their annual Fun Run fundraiser.  This was Faith’s first year to participate.  She got caught up for the couple of weeks leading up to it with all of the little prizes the students received for bringing in donations.  The night before the Fun Run, she took a dress with leggings out of her closet to wear for the next day. I suggested that she may want to wear something a little more comfortable for the run.  “What do you mean?? It’s not really a run, mom!  That’s silly!”


She had no idea that she actually had to walk some laps the next day!  I went to pick her up from school a little early for her 3 month cardiology appointment after the fundraiser.  She came walking up looking like this:



She said she had so much fun, and later wrote her own journal entry about the event, which she said I could share here:


Hoover school AL

Today, you will know about fun ran is for. I tell you now, is you gave the money to the school. Because they don’t want to let our school to be poor and we want to let our school to be all good and nice. And today you going to ran, because if you don’t ran and you don’t get bracelet. and your team is not going to get point and we are the green team and we say: we are the green, the mean are the fighting machine and I yell you yell we all yell for the green team and g r e e n green team going to win. And we win! And we went back to the class.

            THE  END !


Pretty impressive for a girl who has only been in American school for 2 months!


We switched to a new cardiologist , who we saw for the first time at this visit. He specializes more in pulmonary hypertension.  The last time she had an appointment at this clinic, it did NOT go well.  She became extremely anxious and refused to be examined.  While we were waiting this time, I told her that the new doctor was named Doctor Pearce.  She thought that was a strange name. I told her to think about “getting your ears pierced” to help her remember.


The doctor walked in and she lay there wearing her Fun Run bracelets and eye black with a huge smile on her face and exclaimed, “Hey Dr. Earwax!”  (I don’t know what I’m going to do with this girl!)


I was so impressed with this doctor. His rapport with her was excellent.  When she became uncomfortable during the Echocardiogram, he told her to be still so he could look and see what she had eaten for lunch that day.  And then mysteriously, he guessed that she had eaten some chicken!


She joked the whole way through the visit.  He said that despite the way her heart had formed at birth, everything looked and sounded “fantastic” right now and that he expected her disease to progress very slowly.


I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…Psalm 139:14


He is a team player and said he would call our pulmonologist at Vanderbilt to decide if adding an additional medication might be helpful to further reduce the edema in her lungs.  I left the visit feeling so relieved and at peace.  We are so thankful for answered prayers and that our mean, green fighting machine is doing so well.


And for Dr. Earwax!



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