Fascinated with Christmas

On : 19 September, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

The new thing that has come about this past week is that Jian is completely obsessed with Christmas.  She has been asking a million questions about Christmas and Santa Claus.  She does not know his name, so she refers to him as “Red.”  As usual, she has thought out every detail.  She asked if he would ring our doorbell before he came into the house.  She asked if he would wear his dirty socks into our house.  She wanted to know if he would come into her room and touch her face while she slept (which she did NOT want to happen.)  She asked if Mina would growl at him and if he would be afraid of Mina.  She said that he will be very tired after going to all of these houses.  She wants us to cover our faces and pretend to be asleep and then sneak up on him and take his picture when he comes.  She wants me to tell him what she wants for Christmas because “Jian Ying sked.”


Yesterday, I was trying to have a conversation with her, and she was asking questions about 3 different topics, and somehow she understood me to say that Santa lives inside of the duct work of our A/C unit.  She asked if he would come into our house and see her baby dolls and think that they are beautiful and put them in his bag and take them with him. She has been afraid of a robber coming into our house also, and I think she is getting the two mixed up. We have told her that we live in a safe neighborhood, and besides that, if someone tried to break into our house, they would see our big dog and leave. She said, “No.  Mina is afraid of thunder and hides her face in your shirt.”  Too clever.


We asked if Santa ever came to see her at the orphanage.  She thought that was ridiculous and said that he would hurt himself trying to carry enough toys to that “big house” for all of those children.  She has also told us that she has only ever had one birthday (this past year when Daniel and I sent her a package.)  She is still refusing to wear her foot brace or use her cane in front of anyone in public.  She has made up her mind to learn to walk on her own at home first, and  I don’t doubt that she will accomplish anything she has set her mind to.

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