First Day of Intensive Physical Therapy

On : 27 May, 2014 | Category : 2014

Jian woke up this morning with her alarm clock and got ready for the day quickly and without complaining.  We arrived at her appointment a few minutes early.  There was an issue with her paperwork and scheduling when we arrived, but I did not allow my mind to start down the negative path it wanted to go.  Everything was fine within about 10 minutes.  Her therapist came out to meet her.  They had assigned her to a male therapist.  Again, my anxiety threatened to surface.  Lots of times she doesn’t respond well to males, and she will completely shut down with male doctors.  However, I quickly saw that this was absolutely the perfect person we could have been matched with.  He is very funny and jokes constantly.  His quick wit kept her on her toes.  He and his wife are also in the process of adoption, so we could relate in that area.


After a brief conversation, he already had some great ideas that we could try toward achieving our goals.  He has a young female PT student shadowing him.  Jian followed instructions very well, but was her usual energetic self.  Every time she jumped and caught herself in a handstand position, that poor girl almost had a heart attack.  Hopefully she will get used to it soon!  Jian did great through the lengthy evaluation.  Every time she was asked, “Let me see if you can do…”  she recruited any muscle that would possibly work to accomplish whatever they were testing her on.  It may not have been the way you or I would have done it, but she DID it.  She had determination written all over her face.  They played lots of fun games.


It didn’t take long for her to take over and start instructing both therapists what to do, and they were great about still accomplishing the task they were working on at the same time.  When we were finished, I took her to her favorite Chinese restaurant for a huge lunch, and she fell fast asleep on the car ride home.  There is a concern because when she overworks her muscles, they will just totally collapse and leave her flat on her back, hitting the floor HARD.  That happened when we were leaving the restaurant.  Hopefully she can rest each afternoon and her muscles will recover well and be ready for the next day.  Thanks so much for all of your prayers.  They are working!

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