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On : 4 July, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

We had been prepared for the worst that could happen during Jian’s transition, and so far none of it has happened.  I caught myself not enjoying each day because I was waiting around for the bad things to start happening.  She is doing beautifully considering all she’s been through.  She kept asking us about Daniel’s grandad and pointing up to the back of our house.  From what I could put together, I think she thought that this was a nursing home where the older people live upstairs, similar to the set up in most of the orphanages in China.  She is most fascinated with Mina (our Great Dane), and constantly says, “C’mon Mina!”  Mina does not really reciprocate the love.  She just wants to be left alone to take a nap.  I think she feels that I have betrayed her because now I give all of my attention to Jian.


We have been horribly jet lagged this week, but are starting to get past it.  She will go to sleep in the afternoon and sleep a long time, but get up around 2 am.  She wants to eat breakfast and get ready for her day and seems confused that it is still dark outside.  She cooks in her play kitchen and feeds her baby doll.  We took her to Publix, and she chose several things she wanted to eat, mostly meat, fruit and some vegetables.  She eats every few hours.  More food than I can eat.  For the past 9 years of our marriage, we have basically been in the habit of only being home when we are sleeping at night.  It is very important for the first few weeks home with Jian to stay at home and have her spend time and bond with both of us.  We have taken her out maybe 2 hours per day but have stayed in the other 22 hrs/day.  That is remarkable for us.


She has been wanting to go with us when we go to CrossFit and has fun there.  I wish I had taken her picture when the entire gym started to do double unders yesterday (jump rope.)  Her jaw dropped and her eyes were huge.  She discovers 2-3 new toys/games in her room each day.  She loves pushing buttons, taking things apart and putting them back together. She built a very complex Lego house yesterday and has an incredible attention span.  Just today she started to use some English phrases automatically.  She thinks the English word for No is Lo.  It is so cute, I haven’t corrected her yet.  She gave me a spontaneous hug and kiss yesterday.  Mina got one today.  Poor Daniel.  She does allow him to kiss her on the head without jerking away from him sometimes now, but she thinks it is gross if he kisses me on the head or cheek.  She has said, “I love you” a few times, but I really don’t think she knows what she’s saying.  She just says it in the same sing-song voice that I say it to her.  She likes the song “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line.  She loves arts and crafts and worked on a decoupage jewelry box today.  She has started wanting to hold my hand and hold the handrail and walk up and down the stairs on her legs a few times.  Every day I see great progress.  We are enjoying her so much.

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