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On : 6 July, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

If you know Daniel very well, then you know that one of his favorite past times these days is frequenting the “Dollar Movie.”  (They actually charge $1.50 now which rubs me the wrong way, but that is besides the point.)  We decided that for our outing on Jian’s first Fourth of July, we would take her to see her first movie.  There were only a couple of children’s movies playing at this theater, so we watched The Croods.  We pulled up the trailer online before we went, and she seemed interested in it.  I asked her if she wanted to go with us in the car to watch it, and she said yes.  Daniel bought a couple of drinks and a big tub of popcorn for the three of us.  We were so excited and proud.


We sat Jian in the folding seat in between us and turned to put our drinks down.  When we turned back around, we discovered that our sweet little girl didn’t weight enough to hold the seat down, and it had literally folded her in half!  She was smiling. We have never moved so fast to help her out of there.  I went to ask for a child’s booster seat and sat it in the seat.  She sat on top of it.  This time, Jian and the booster seat folded up!  She problem-solved a way to put the booster seat up against the back of the chair to hold it in place so that she sat closer to the front of the seat, distributing her weight so that it would not fold up.  Whew!  She had a great time and seemed to follow the movie even though it was in English. She ate some popcorn and took a few sips of my Sprite.  (She had packed herself some water also.)


The movie was actually pretty symbolic of our journey together.  It was about a family of Cave People who lived in fear of the outside and refused to leave the cave, therefore missing out on big things in the world.  It would have been very easy for us to do the same.  To listen to those who, because of their own fears, attempted to transfer these fears onto us.  They encouraged us to play it safe and do what would be easiest.  I learned a long time ago that anything great that is worth doing does not come easy and requries courage and determination.  These are traits that Jian possesses that we immediatley fell in love with by watching her videos over a year ago.  I know that she will not let fear hold her back from doing something extraordinary in this life.  I am so proud to be her mom!

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