First time at Church

On : 9 July, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

Since Jian had such a great first week home, we went ahead and took her to church this Sunday.  We only went for one hour for her first visit.  Everyone there was so great and respectful of our situation.  They would peer over at her, smile, wave, and go to their seats.  No one bombarded us, as I know they would have loved to.  They have been falling in love with Jian for the past year, but Jian is not aware of this.  Honestly, the event was completely overwhelming to her.  It was completely foreign to sit in a big assembly and sing together, pray, and listen to a sermon.  I had packed some workbooks and coloring books, and she occupied herself with those most of the time.  I was nervous about the Lord’s Supper coming around, because I didn’t exactly have the language to explain to her why it is not for children.  With adoption, a huge rule is that you never withold food from the child even if you think they have eaten enough.  I whispered and told her it was for adults and that she could have some of her water, and she didn’t seem to mind.  We went to eat with our friends, and she again sat silently with no expression on her face.  She did enjoy the chicken strips that Daniel ordered her.  I ordered a side of rice, but she wanted nothing to do with it.  Only meat, fruits, and veggies.  She had kind of a tough rest of the day, I assume from being so overwhelmed earlier.  Since then, we have had a couple of children over for just about an hour to play, and it really didn’t go well either.  Jian did not understand why Daniel let a baby play with Jian’s toys, and she shut down and started to cry.  Before she came home with us, nothing has ever been “hers.”  At the orphanage, if there is a toy, you fight for it, hide it, or do whatever you have to do if you want it for yourself.  So much to learn and such a long way to go.  I am just happy that she seems to feel comfortable when she is just with me and Daniel at this point.

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