First time at the zoo

On : 23 June, 2013 | Category : China

Today we went to the zoo. We had been told by another family to go to the Safari Park instead. It is huge and has lots of shows and more to do but is further away, more expensive and no one else in our group wanted to go so we just went to the zoo. Good decision. Jian had never seen anything like it so she was very impressed. The air was cool, and it was drizzling. It was so fun watching her little excited face. When we got back we were tired and were going to just eat food we had in the room. Jian didn’t want any of it and put on her shoes and wanted to go out. Daniel wanted to rest so I took her on a date to Pizza Hut. She has been asking for this chocolate drink all week so I let her get it. Not sure what it was but I’m sure it was loaded with sugar and caffein. She loved it! She loves very spicy food and ordered a spicy beef and pepper pizza. She scraped off all the toppings and ate them but wouldn’t touch the bread.


I see progress every day. She now understands when I ask a question and nods appropriately. She is counting spontaneously in English. She has started to smile and interact just a little bit with other people in our tour group. She told me why she doesn’t like Daniel to carry her. He sweats too much and gets her clothes sweaty. I guess I can’t blame her! ┬áSometimes when we’re playing and she is laughing and so happy, it’s like my mind sees a split screen of what she would be doing if she were still at the orphanage and I start tearing up. I pray for the other children that someone gives them the same chance.

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