Fun with “Gurlz-Ouz”

On : 21 September, 2015 | Category : 2015

After being in third grade a couple of weeks, Jian came home and said, “Mommy, what is gurlz ouz?”

Ummm, let me think, can you ask me that again?

“You know, gurlz ouz, where you have a lot of fun, play games together, go camping…”

Oh! Girl Scouts!  Yes, are you interested in Girl Scouts?


I didn’t see this one coming. I had never participated in girl scouts, and it wasn’t even on my radar that Jian would be interested. But I asked some of the other moms, and within the next week, she was signed up.  We took our checklist to the Girl Scout store and bought her starter kit.  The first outing was to the zoo, where Jian got to feed the giraffes.


Yesterday we had our first community service project and meeting.  She had been looking forward to the first meeting and checking off her calendar for weeks.  She got herself ready yesterday afternoon and waiting with her shoes on until I said it was time to go.  As we drove up, we saw the other girls and moms gathering outside.  Then she started to shut down and said that she was scared and didn’t want to go. Satan has been good at working on me during times like this, letting defeating thoughts flood my mind.  Not again. We have been home 2 years. When will she ever get past this? Can nothing we do be a little bit easy?   


But I am learning to let those thoughts go, and after about 15 minutes, she had warmed up and was participating with the group. The task was to hike along the path of a Rock Preserve and help clean up the trash.  She hiked with her crutches for just under an hour and only asked me for help 2-3 times to cross a stream or really rocky, uneven area.  She fell a couple of times and scraped her knee a little bit, but she perservered to the end.  During the meeting afterwards, we were discussing ideas for upcoming community projects. In a very quiet voice, Jian piped up, “Helping the orphanage.”


I really could just weep over the heart of this girl.  She has not forgotten where she came from and has not forgotten the one friend that she grew up with who remains there waiting on a family of her own.  When it was time to go, the other girls started playing a game of hide-and-seek, but Jian noticed a group of college-aged boys playing a game of soccer.  She sprinted with her crutches right up to the ball and stole it from one of the guys and proceeded to play with them until it was time to go.  They were all smiling and looking at each other in disbelief.


This life that we live is certainly a crazy one.  The path is rocky and uneven, and quite often I am brought to my knees.  But at the end of the day, my heart bursts with love for our girl, and I wouldn’t choose any other life but this one.  Gurlz Ouz Camp is scheduled in two weeks, and we are looking forward to more fun memories in the making!climbing wall

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