Funny, smart girl

On : 20 June, 2013 | Category : China

Jian slept well again last night. Although since she has never had a pillow to sleep on, she refuses to use one at the hotel. Her appetite is really getting bigger. At breakfast, she bypassed the usual rice and bread and chose broccoli, spinach, green beans, bacon and fruit. This Paleo mama was pleased! I showed her the English alphabet today and of course she can already write it perfectly. After she takes a bath or washes her hands, she insists in cleaning the sink and bathtub and is so pleased with herself. After everything she does, she looks at me for approval. We give her constant praise. She painted my fingernails one hand blue and one hand green. She is completely fascinated with my contact lenses. I need to get our guide to explain what they are. She told the guide that Daniel has big feet and eats a lot!


We told her there are no other children at our home, only a dog. She asked, “Is it a little puppy? Can I hold it?” Um…not quite…Don’t think we can fully prepare for meeting a 150 lb Great Dane for the first time. I put on my workout clothes today and she smiled, put on her shoes, grabbed a package of tissues and wanted to come. She did some plank ups and tried burpees but can only do the upper body portion right now. When I was done, she gave me a tissue to wipe my sweat. She had remembered from yesterday and knew I would get sweaty. I am just amazed at her thoughtful and loving heart. I think I have played more and laughed harder this week than in my entire life combined. God is good!

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