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We left yesterday morning around 10 am to go meet Jian.  We arrived at the building about 30 min before she got there.  We sat in a small room with one other family.  They were there for their fourth adoption.  I had built this moment up in my mind like time would stand still and this music would be playing in the background like a movie.  Instead, we quietly saw Nanny Joy carrying our sweet girl as they entered the room.  I stood up and tried to hold her, but a lady came over and said I couldn’t touch her until they verified with photos the ID of me, Daniel and Jian. Then they tried to turn her over to me.


At first, she wanted to stay with her nanny, but Joy reassurred her, and she came to me.  She had a very solemn look on her face for a little while.  We were both just oohing and aahing over her and showing her every toy, picture book, and candy in her backpack.  She let Daniel carry her, and she loved being tall enough to reach the ceiling while he held her.  The nanny and director told us lots of things about how Jian has been preparing for us.  She is 8 yrs old, but appears to be maybe 4 yrs old (The 5T’s we brought for her are way too big.)  But she carries the burdens of an adult.  She normally goes to bed at 9pm but told the staff the night before that she would go ahead and go to bed at 8:00 to prepare to meet us the next morning.  She washed and shined up her walker for the meeting.  She thinks of herself as the leader at her orphanage, and felt the need to appoint a new leader among the kids (her friend LiYa)  and let them know that she would be going to the USA and will live in a big house and learn to speak English.  She told LiYa to look for her when she gets to the US. (She will be adopted by a family in TN this winter.)


Jian basically works at the orphanage, folding and sorting the clothes for all the kids, changing diapers, sweeping the floors.  We are so much more in love with her than we even expected.  She is so very strong.  Her arms and trunk allow her to do anything she wants.  Her legs are also quite strong as long as she holds onto something while standing.  We had a very difficult afternoon after the newness of the toys settled down.  She became very quiet, looked out the window and cried pitifully for about 2 hrs.  We know this grieving process is necessary, but it is so heartbreaking.  The good thing is that she allowed me to comfort her during this time and eventually fell asleep on me.


After dinner, she perked back up during bath time.  She loved it!  She was playing and grinning from ear to ear.  She had pulled away from Daniel this afternoon, but went back to him after the bath and started talking a lot in Mandarin and showing him pics of all her friends and making him repeat their names. She would correct him when he didn’t emphasize the syllables correctly.  Somehow, we both turned our backs on her for a minute, and the next thing we knew, she was sitting up on the white sheets polishing her toe nails!  Luckily she is such a perfectionist that none got anywhere.  When ready for bed, she went over and closed the drapes and secured them tightly by pushing her walker against them.  She wants it absolutely dark in the room.  She slept all night, eventually burrowing down headfirst under the covers to the foot of the bed.  Please pray that her heart will continue to heal.

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