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On : 2 April, 2020 | Category : 2020


The world slowly began to hear about it. News snippets on tv. Terrible things happening in a country half way across the globe.


Hmmm…that’s kinda sad…


Click the remote, hurry out the door. Go to work, plan a trip, meet a friend for coffee.


There are people dying. This is extremely serious. People can’t get the food they need. There is concern about having enough clean drinking water.


Certain areas are affected more than others. They are begging, crying on tv. Trying to convey the depth of this situation.


This is terrible. I’m thankful it’s not affecting my community like that. We are so blessed.


Please! Come here and help us! If you are able, do your part, they say. We need supplies. The needs are so great. Consider a monetary donation. Any little bit helps, they desperately plead.


I need to stay healthy for my family. I need to provide for them and think about our future. 



People are lonely and isolated inside the same building for long periods of time. People are in survival mode. There will be long term effects if this continues.


This problem feels overwhelming. Paralysis by analysis. Maybe if I bury my head and not turn on the news, this problem won’t really even exist…




I’m describing the international orphan crisis. Asia tops the list with the largest number of waiting children, but there are millions of children who are suffering worldwide.



Hunger and starvation are REAL.


Children who are sick and dying from dirty drinking water is REAL.


Children never leaving their cribs or the 4 walls of their orphanages until they age out of the system (14 years in China) is REAL.


Surviving day to day in the face of unthinkable dangers is REAL.


The crisis really does exist. It isn’t going away. It requires everyone’s help. These are real lives. Real souls. Created in God’s image. Just like you and me.



What can you do to change a life and lead a soul toward Heaven?


For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10


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