It’s Official!

On : 18 June, 2013 | Category : China

Today our task was to go do final paperwork to officially state that we are Jian’s parents. She slept all night and ate a little breakfast. A few tears were shed after breakfast, but then she became excited to wear some new clothes. The rompers work fine. She chose a hair bow and put her sunglasses on to match mine. She pushed them back over her head. She tries to imitate everything I do. The nanny was at the meeting today and Jian pushed me away and wanted to sit with her instead. When she walked away and told Jian to stay with her parents, a horrible meltdown occurred for about 30 minutes. It was pitiful.


We got through the paperwork and went to Walmart. Jian chose a pink dress and pink sun visor, some raisins and ramen noodles for herself. She chose lots of clothes, candy and jelly to take to the orphanage tomorrow. We had a great afternoon playing and went to get ice cream. She is so, so smart. Already speaking and counting some in English. She likes to play and laugh at Daniel but does not want him to hold her. Please pray for her bonding with him and for our trip to the orphanage tomorrow. I am sure it will be very difficult for her.

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