Jian got a puppy!

On : 30 December, 2014 | Category : 2014

For at least a year now, Jian has been begging me to get her a puppy.  After the initial shock and fear of Mina, our great dane, Jian decided that she needed a dog her own size.  She saw other kids in the neighborhood with their little dogs and loves to go visit my family in TN to play with my mom’s yorkies.  I have been waiting until Jian was more independent before taking this plunge.  After she walked all over the neighborhood for Halloween, I told her that we could start looking.


She picked out a malti-tzu within a week.  She was just a few weeks old, and the lady said she could hold her until Christmas.  She was a gift from me and Daniel.  Jian asked Santa for all of the puppy’s accessories (leash, collar, bowl, food, treats, brush, toys.)  I went and picked up the puppy on Christmas Eve and put her in a gift bag.  It only took a second for her to poke her nose out of the top and for Jian’s face to light up.  They were immediate friends.  I have never seen a dog attach to a person like that.  If she is not in Jian’s lap, she is whining.  Jian decided to name her Elsa.


Elsa howled at the top of her lungs for several nights when we kept her in her crate.  She is doing better now and is potty training well.  It’s funny that I bypassed the newborn phase with Jian, but now I am in it with her puppy.  When Mina first saw her, she acted very timid.  Elsa screamed at the top of her lungs in fear.  Now Elsa tries to play with Mina, but Mina still acts confused about what she is supposed to do with this dog!  So now we are a family of 5, and that seems to be plenty.  Jian seems satisfied to have Elsa as her new playmate, and she can’t wait to take her through the carpool line to show everyone at school 🙂


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