Jian started school!

On : 20 August, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

Almost exactly 2 months after meeting her parents, Jian experienced another huge transition.  She started school!  We were all very anxious about this, whether it was the right thing to do and the right time.  I have been taking her to the school as often as possible this summer to gradually introduce her to the building and the faculty.  Every time we leave the neighborhood, we drive past the school and point it out.  She has been excited when talking about “going to work,” but when it was time to actually go, she decided it was not such a good idea.  The day before, she spent hiding under the bed and saying she was not going.


Yesterday was her first day.  She did not want to wake up early.  She did not want to get dressed.  She barely ate any breakfast.  She cried and was nervous, but not panicked.  When we arrived, she was really scared, and they allowed me to walk in with her on the first day to prevent a total melt down.  Her physical therapist checked on her mid morning and said that she was doing ok.  She refuses to use her cane when walking if anyone else can see her. She is also absolutely refusing to use her wheelchair for long distances.  They are going to assign “helpers” to hold her hand while she walks, which she is agreeable.  She did not eat any lunch and wanted to go directly home to rest when I picked her up.


Overall, I was very pleased that she made it through the day. One of her assignments was to draw some of her new friends.  She said that those people are not her friends.  Her friends are the ones at her orphanage. She did tell me that there is a little girl in her class who wears glasses and has the same lunch box as hers.  She observes everything.  Also, our next-door neighbor saw her in the lunch room and said Hello, which she appreciated.


Today was much easier.  She was relaxed and a little bit excited.  She walked in without me.  She has really been bonding more with Daniel this past week as well.  And yesterday the neurologist called with the results of her MRI.  There is no damage to the spinal cord itself, and there is no nerve impingement that could be corrected at this point.  Basically it told us what we already knew.  So we will continue with our plan of daily exercise and physical therapy for the next 6 months.  Then we will revisit ortho and go from there.

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