Jian’s 10th Birthday (and an update from yesterday)

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Jian turned 10 years old on March 10, and I am just now having a chance to write about it.  Double digits!  She got a tent for Christmas and had been saying she wanted to do a camp-out for her birthday, but then decided she would just have a small party at our house like we did last year.  We invited our immediate families and 6 of Jian’s friends from school.  She wanted Daisy Duck on her cake, which was her favorite character from last year on our Disney Cruise.  She had a great time playing with her friends!

daisy cake


Daniel and Jian wowed the crowd by doing magic tricks from a kit that she was given.  Another girl gave Jian a soccer ball, so at the end of the party, they all went outside and played, and she loved it.  She also received a little sewing kit, which she obsessed over for the next 2 days until she completed the project of assembling a small stuffed dog.  She is so detailed and caught on quickly to measuring, tying knots, and sewing the stitches.  Daniel and I took her to a Japanese steak house for dinner on her birthday, and she really enjoyed that.


Also, the Sunday before her birthday, we ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant.  Our friends told the waiter that Jian had a birthday coming up, so they sang and put the sombrero on her head.  It was hilarious! She didn’t know what to think at first, but then started smiling.  She brings us such joy, and I know this will be another great year for her.


**Update from yesterday’s post: The Rehab Medicine doctor called me yesterday evening and said that she had thought about us all day and consulted with Ortho.  She said that the next step would be to reconsider meeting with Ortho again and going ahead with the surgery to bring Jian’s left hip into alignment, and then go from there.  If we do this, we will then face a pretty significant leg length discrepancy, which will require Jian to wear a special built-up shoe.  She said we would also probably need Jian to use a large brace to keep her knee locked out to prevent it from collapsing while she walks.  With the added weight bearing, I’m not sure what potential the leg would have considering the nerve damage.  That is what is so frustrating. Nobody really knows the best answer, and most people have different opinions.  But I do know this: we can’t let fear keep us from trying something that may help.  So…I’m going to do what I know I can do, and that is stretching and helping Jian exercise every day and planting seeds to help open her mind to other options and possible outcomes.  When the time is right, it will all fall into place.

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