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On : 11 July, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

If I thought that the year waiting for Jian was an emotional roller coaster, I now know it was only to prepare me for what was to come.  We have begun all of the appointments with doctors and other professionals.  She is basically going to have two appointments per week for the next several months.  Yesterday we went to the International Adoption Clinic.  They took her vitals first, and she had gained a pound since we met her.  She now weighs 36 lbs, which I think is equivalent to an American 3 year old, but we celebrated that 1 pound.  We had a lengthy meeting with the psychologist discussing Jian’s attachment to us.  She and Jian’s social worker have reminded me this week to keep Jian to ourselves for the most part for several months and to make sure that she attaches securely to me and then to Daniel before introducing many play dates and visits with other people.  We had to discuss lots of hard topics again related to growing up in an orphanage.  Things that I intellectually knew and that we discussed at length months ago.  But somehow, discussing them now while holding her in my arms and looking at her, my heart simply can’t take it.  I am sad that she was not with us all those years.


She did great with the pediatrician yesterday, almost feeling too comfortable.  At one point, she picked up the doctor’s iphone and started watching the videos on it!  Finally it was time for her labs.  She had to have 9 tubes of blood taken.  She cried so hard, and so did I.  I cannot stand to know that she is sad or hurting.  We will have a home visit with our social worker Friday, required by China.  She will be with us until 5 years post adoption.  Next week we plan to see the neurologist for a nerve conduction study for her legs and the physical therapist to get her started with PT and to order her a new walker and wheelchair for long distances.  I have explained to Jian that I will be taking her to see doctors and that we are trying to get her legs stronger so that she can walk better.  Her face lights up and she is so excited about the thought of this.  She cooperates with me with stretches and exercises of her legs and is so proud of herself when she is able to do what I show her.  She will also see an orthopedist to have braces made for her legs.  At some point she will need dental work and an eye exam.  One step at a time.


So far, she is rolling with everything that has been thrown at her.  To pass the time in the waiting room yesterday, she listened to songs on the ipad.  My new favorite thing is to listen to her sing.  She wants me to sing with her.  I can’t carry a tune.  Neither can she.  But we love every minute of it.  Daniel will go back to work Monday, so that will be a new transition for her.  I remind myself daily that I cannot do everything and fix everything, but that I can rely on the Lord’s strength to help us through it all.

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