Look How Far We Been!

On : 26 June, 2015 | Category : 2015

Last week we celebrated Jian’s 2 year Gotcha Day.  It is really hard to believe that she has been home 2 years, but on the other hand, it feels like she has always been with us.  I asked her what she wanted to do to celebrate.  She chose going to the zoo, choosing a toy at Toys R Us, and eating at the Chinese Buffet.  We did lots of extra fun things at the zoo, like riding the train and feeding the Lorikeets.  We also rode a camel, which was my idea, but Jian was a little bit nervous about being up so high.



When Daniel got home, we went to Toys R Us. I told Jian she could choose one item for $20. She looked all over the store and settled on a Kitchen Play Doh set.  We have recently started walking our dogs together.  Jian usually chooses to walk Mina, the Great Dane, and leaves her Malti-tzu puppy to me.  A few weeks ago, we had walked 3/4 of the way around our block and were making our way up the final hill home.  Jian and Mina got about 2/3 up the hill, then she stopped to rest for a minute.  She looked back down the hill and said, “Wow! Look how far we been!”

walking mina


I feel that her statement sums up the past 2 years.  It is hard to see progress when you are looking at it every day.  But as I meet new people and tell them our story, I am reminded of just how far we have come.  I most love watching her faith grow and listening to her sing hymns and boldly asking other people if they know about Jesus.  I love watching her confidence and social skills blossom as she makes small talk with strangers.  I love watching her learn new things and discover new interests.  I love her competitive nature and how we help drive each other to achieve new goals.  She told me last week, “I want to find other kids who walk with sticks and do races with they.”


We are scheduled for an intensive week of physical therapy next week and will possibly be fitted for her brace at that time.  I love that this didn’t happen on my time line and that I am being taught to be still, breathe, enjoy the day, and let tomorrow worry about itself.  What a gift it has been to grow together these past two years.

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