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For spring break and as a late birthday gift for Jian, we took her on a Disney Cruise!  I feel like it is needless to say, but she had never experienced anything like this before.  The excitement on her face and the way the staff and Disney characters made her feel so special was priceless.  Of course I couldn’t help but think ahead and try to problem solve the logistics of the travel and excursions.  We have never traveled with a child, and I was wondering about her ability to navigate multiple airports and the length of the cruiseship multiple times per day.  We did carry her some (I’d say less than 50% of the time), which was a good bonding experience for the 3 of us.  But she actually did quite well.  She thought the moving walkways and escalators at the airport were really fun.  The seats on the airplane were close enough together that she could hold onto them and walk down the aisle with no problem.  The boat had lots of handrails, and she held our hands a lot when she walked.


One of our excursions was having an encounter with and swimming with dolphins.  I was really worried about this and prayed and prayed for her.  In order for the dolphin to push her across the water, she would have to hold her legs completely straight and not let her knees bend the entire time as he pushed on her foot and moved her through the water.  Her left quad is not yet strong enough to hold her left leg in an extended position.  But when it was her turn, she tucked her left leg under her right, the dolphin didn’t miss a beat and pushed her all the way across the water!


I find myself grieving over the fact that she is not yet able to do everything she wants to do or not able to do things the way she wants to.  But I also find that if I let go of worry and pray very specific prayers for her that it always works out.  We have found out that there is an opening for her to attend 3 weeks of intensive physical therapy this summer.  This could be a great way for her to make a boost of progress if she will have the patience and cooperation to complete the program.  Right now I am praying specifically for:

  • Her right ankle stability (as she is overly pronated)
  • Her left quad to become exponentially stronger
  • The alignment of her hips to be corrected (as her right hip tends to hike up and left leg is contracted out to the side.)

We certainly would appreciate as many people as possible to pray for these areas for the next few months.  June 17 will be our one year anniversary since her adoption day.  It blows my mind to think about all the prayers that have already been answered, and I know that He continues to listen!

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