Medical exam

On : 22 June, 2013 | Category : China

We are now in Guangzhou where the US Consulate is located to finish business on the US side so Jian can enter our country. Today was her medical appointment and I have heard stories and was  worried about it. It was extremely crowded and hot. First she had to sit without me holding her to have a photo taken for her Visa. She did not like it and of course did not smile. Next was a nurse’s station to check vital signs and vision. She would not cooperate with the visual exam, keeping her poker face the entire time. Then we stood in line for the ENT. The child in front if us was crying which made Jian have anxiety and cry silent tears. To me, these are the worst ones. Then she went for her physical exam. Again nervous but did great. She is very aware of which muscles in her legs work and which don’t and was able to tell the doctor and show him. Finally a nurse took her and did a blood draw in a room we weren’t allowed to go in. She came back crying and with a band aid but was able to be consoled in just a few minutes. Ahhh…overall not as bad as I had expected. We took her to lunch at a great Thai restaurant. She would not answer the waitress, so she asked us if she had a problem and was unable to speak. We laughed hysterically. Because as usual once we got the hotel, she became a live wire, crawling around, playing tricks on Daniel, laughing and talking to us. I can’t believe she is doing so great after only meeting us 5 days ago.

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