More doctor’s appointments

On : 6 August, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

This is the week of the most appointments we have had since we have been home.  Today, Jian is scheduled to have an MRI of her spine and pelvis to determine exactly what is going on and help the other specialists determine the best course of treatment.  She will be sedated for it because she must be completely still for 90 minutes.  I told her last night that we have a doctor’s appointment today.  She looked so upset and said, “No-o-o-o-o!”  She asked her usual questions: “Is it going to hurt? Are they going to put the needle in my arm?”  This time I had to tell her yes.  She will be getting an IV. I also had to tell her that the doctor said no eating breakfast before we go.  Everything inside of me is fighting against this.  It is so crucial due to her background that she knows that she will always be able to have food when she is hungry.  She has demonstrated some anxiety this week when we are about to run out of something and always asks if I can take her to the store and get more.


This morning, she asked if she could eat something.  I told her that we were only allowed to drink water.  She asked if I had to get an IV also.  When I said, “No,” she said, “It’s ok mama.  You eat.”  Of course I didn’t, but went to the next room and cried instead.  We would appreciate your prayers that everything goes well this week and the next few weeks to come.  We have to figure out when to start her in school, what to do about her mobility until she is independent with the cane, and what I am going to do about going back to work as scheduled.  This first year home with her is critical, and I want to be wise with our decisions.

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