More Independent Walking!

On : 17 February, 2014 | Category : Mobility Progress Logs

Last week was a weird week here.  We had threats of inclement weather and finally did get some snow Wednesday night.  As a result, Jian was out of school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  When I went to pick her up on Monday, she came to the car about 10 minutes later than usual.  Her teacher said, “Tell your mom why it too you longer to get to the car today.”  She had walked down a really long hallway inside of the school without using her cane in front of students and staff members!  Then on Friday when I picked her up, she came out the front door of the school and walked to the car without using her cane!  There were lots of parents lined up in the carpool line who could see her, and she still did it with little prompting.  She did the same inside of a restaurant on Saturday.  I am so thankful that her confidence is increasing enough to begin overcoming this fear of walking unassisted in public!

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