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On : 25 June, 2013 | Category : China

Last night we went to eat with some of the other families in our group. Jian continues to feel more comfortable with them, smiling and giving “high fives.” She continues to bond with Daniel, just in a different way. Last night during their nightly wrestling match/pillow fight, I heard him yell, “Oh no! Not the flying head butt!” Today we went to some nearby shops for Chinese trinkets and souvenirs. We are basically waiting around until our appointment with the US Consulate so we can get her Travel Visa to come to the US. She found a bronze statue of some children and pretended to pick their noses. I disapproved. Daniel thought it was hilarious. We found some American-type food and she took a sip of Daniel’s sweet tea. She liked it.


I saw a little poodle and pointed it out. Just then it got loose and ran in front of a bus. The dog’s owner ran over and took it by the front paw and made it walk on hind legs like a person and then used a wet towel like a whip on it. You literally never know what you’re going to see every day. Jian thinks it is very weird that we have hair on our arms and legs. She is so funny. We have a free day tomorrow and then a dinner riverboat cruise with the other families in our group.

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