Neurology appointment

On : 23 July, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

Today Jian had her nerve conduction study.  At first, they did little “shocks” and eventually used needles in different muscles in both legs to determine which muscles are receiving input from her nerves.  They used gel with electrodes at first and used a little magic marker to mark where to apply the electrical impulse.  Every time they applied the gel or magic marker, she immediately wiped it off.  The doctor was laughing and shaking his head.  We found out that all of her sensation in both legs is intact.  There is diminished motor function in both legs, more so in the left, which we knew.  He felt like the problem was coming from higher than we thought and wants to have an MRI of her spine done.


He was pretty negative with his prognosis, but all I care about is function.  How is she able to function on a daily basis?  She is improving daily with her leg exercises.  She has some ability to raise both legs up, move them in and out, extend her knees, bend the right knee, and move the right foot up and down.  She cannot move the left foot up and down or actively bend the left knee (no hamstring function.)  She is now using the cane functionally some inside the house and can walk at least 20 feet at a time.  I really believe that once we get the braces and lift for her shoe to even out the length of her legs, she will be able to walk just fine using her cane.


She couldn’t wait for Daniel to get home to tell him all about those needles and how they hurt.  Daniel and Jian now like to do magic tricks together.  Her magic word is “Ooh La, Ooh La, Pew!”  I tried to start transitioning her to allowing Daniel to help with some of the self care tasks (brushing her teeth and drying her hair.)  She can do all of this herself, but likes me to stand there beside her.  She did not go for it and said that he was a boy, and only girls help with these things.  Tomorrow we will go to the dentist.

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