Open House at Jian’s School

On : 22 October, 2014 | Category : 2014

Jian is continuing to do great in all areas.  She had Open House at her school last night.  I was honestly very tired and was just going to ask Daniel to go, but she insisted that we all go and see her school and everything she has been working on this year.  She was very proud to show her “pawents” her classroom and how clean it was.  Everyone had drawn and colored a scarecrow and had them displayed, and I must admit that Jian’s was by far the prettiest!  She really does have excellent fine motor skills, which makes her occupational therapist mom proud!


I had not had a chance to talk with her teacher since the Fun Run, and she was telling me all about it.  She said they were walking together and Jian started to appear fatigued.  Her teacher tried to talk her into sitting to take a rest.  After a few minutes of disagreement about this, Jian finally told her teacher, “You tired, you rest” and then turned around and kept walking!  It was so refreshing to see Jian take charge at school, showing us her artwork and library and ESL class.  All of the teachers are so wonderful and encouraging to her.


Jian has also started feeling comfortable enough to open up more about her life in China.  For a while, she seemed to be testing me, acting angry, and resenting me for taking her away from there.  But now she is telling me how long she kept waiting and waiting for us to come and get her, how very hungry she was, and other fears that she dealt with.  Things that I had no idea about and that make me sick.  I continually pray that God will use me and keep me from getting comfortable in my life here.  Because as another adoptive mom put it, “There is nothing comfortable about being orphaned.” I see what a shining light Jian is to everyone around her, and I shudder to think of the alternate path her life could have easily taken.  And what a blessing Daniel and I could have missed out on!

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