Embroidery Museum

On : 20 June, 2013 | Category : China

Today we went to receive our certificate of adoption and had our paperwork notarized. Then we went to an embroidery museum. Jian chose a piece to take home. Anytime she receives a special gift, I tell her it is from her dad. She says, “my dad has lots of money. My mom doesn’t have any.”  She […]

Funny, smart girl

On : 20 June, 2013 | Category : China

Jian slept well again last night. Although since she has never had a pillow to sleep on, she refuses to use one at the hotel. Her appetite is really getting bigger. At breakfast, she bypassed the usual rice and bread and chose broccoli, spinach, green beans, bacon and fruit. This Paleo mama was pleased! I […]

Orphanage Visit

On : 19 June, 2013 | Category : China

What a relief! I had worried about this day and how Jian would handle it.  Because she was brought to meet us at a government building, we wanted to go back with her to the orphanage to meet everyone, learn about her daily life to this point and allow her to say goodbye and leave […]

It’s Official!

On : 18 June, 2013 | Category : China

Today our task was to go do final paperwork to officially state that we are Jian’s parents. She slept all night and ate a little breakfast. A few tears were shed after breakfast, but then she became excited to wear some new clothes. The rompers work fine. She chose a hair bow and put her sunglasses […]


On : 17 June, 2013 | Category : China

We left yesterday morning around 10 am to go meet Jian.  We arrived at the building about 30 min before she got there.  We sat in a small room with one other family.  They were there for their fourth adoption.  I had built this moment up in my mind like time would stand still and […]


On : 16 June, 2013 | Category : China

Just now getting to update everyone due to technical difficulties and exhaustion from jet lag.  So, this past Tuesday, we had designated the day for packing and driving to Atlanta.  We had not counted on both waking up sick.  It was a very difficult day, but we survived and drove to Atlanta late that night […]

Preparing to Meet our Girl!

On : 13 June, 2013 | Category : China

We had a relaxing day.  Our only task was to go to the airport and take a 2 1/2 hr flight to Changsha where we will meet Jian tomorrow.  Our guide is nice and very talkative.  She immediately started giving us information about Jian, making us both smile from ear-to-ear as proud parents.  Since Jian […]

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