Paleo With Chopsticks

On : 5 July, 2016 | Category : How this all came about


Welcome to our updated blog!  If you have just discovered the blog or have enjoyed it for a while and want to share it with a friend, I thought this explanation of who we are and why we do the blog might be helpful.


I am Stacie, the Paleo half.  Paleo is a lifestyle that focuses on eating  foods such as fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats, while avoiding processed foods and sugars.  (Yes, I have a powerful sweet tooth, but I do my best!)  Many CrossFitters choose to follow the Paleo diet in order to stay lean, strong, and energetic (qualities also helpful for mommas to have!)  I began CrossFit four years ago, and I love it because it keeps me physically and mentally strong.  I love a challenge, and I have a lot of energy to burn, so CrossFit keeps me balanced.  The CrossFit gym also happens to be where I met a friend who directed me to the adoption agency where we found Jian.


This is where the Chopsticks comes in.  My husband, Daniel, and I adopted Jian from China a little over a year after that conversation at the gym, and she is what this blog, and most of my life now revolves around.

handstand walk

Photos taken at Wodism for Autism

The two of us are quite the pair; a Thelma and Louise of sorts (bless Daniel’s heart!)  We have the faith of a mustard seed and the determination of a couple of pit bulls, and we have definitely seen the Lord move mountains time and again.  We are just as much spectators to this story that is being written as any of you, and we are so excited to share our experiences of faith, hope, love, family, and answered prayers.

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