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On : 19 July, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

This week has been filled with many ups and downs.  I have seen the greatest progress and the worst breakdowns from Jian.  Daniel feels better and has been able to work for 3 days this week.  She asks all throughout the day where he is and wants to make sure that he is coming back.  Two nights ago, Mina woke me up 5 times needing to go out for bathroom breaks, which she never does.  The problem continued with accidents in the house (BIG accidents) the next day.  I took her to the vet, and she was diagnosed with a UTI and was given a steroid shot and lots of antibiotic pills.


This week Jian has been with me the whole time.  She has really started to test lots of boundaries. This is a great sign that she is feeling comfortable enough with me to do this, but it is very exhausting. When we had our first visit at the International Adoption Clinic, they asked us if Jian likes to snuggle with us. We laughed and gave an emphatic “No!”  For the past two nights she has started completely snuggling up to me while she falls asleep!


On the flip side, she had the worst melt down we have seen last night.  I had been with her all day and was going to leave for an hour when Daniel got home from work.  She cried and threw a physical fit like nothing I’ve ever seen, for the next 3 hours.  I know it wasn’t just because I said I was leaving.  She was releasing emotions that had been stored up for quite some time.  All of the rage and hurt of the unfairness of her entire situation.  I was glad that she was able to let it out, but it hurts so badly to see her walk through her pain. It is such a brave thing to do rather than avoiding the hurt and pushing it down.


Today has been great. Her physical therapy appointment went much better than I expected. She interacted and smiled at the therapist and was pretty cooperative. She wants nothing to do with a wheelchair or new walker. So we are going to jump into a one-handed device. I have a loaner cane for her to try, which she has been practicing with this afternoon. I think she will do fine with it once she gets the braces on her legs. She practiced her exercises with me and is excited for Daniel to come home to show him what she has learned. I am not surprised that she is going to exceed my expectations of her physical abilities sooner than I expected.

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