Preparing For Our Big Trip

On : 21 April, 2016 | Category : 2016

prayingWhen we came back home from Baltimore, we had 2 months to let things sink in and get prepared to leave for the surgery.  That two months has flown by! I can’t believe we are scheduled to leave next Saturday.  Immediately after coming back home, Jian was so much at peace and “felt so good about everything.”  The more that time went by, her anxieties started understandably creeping in.  I have been very concerned and very prayerful for her acceptance of the surgery (as have many of you), and just like clockwork, she has come around full circle and is looking forward to the outcomes of the surgery.  The very thing that we resisted and dreaded for the past 3 years is the opportunity we are thanking God for now.


Jian recently told me, “I know I’m going to walk.  But then I need to learn how to run, to go up and down stairs, to walk up and down hills…”  The amount of grit that this girl has still amazes me.  Yesterday she wanted to go to CrossFit with me.  As the classes were transitioning, some male high school athletes came walking in with confidence.  Jian was working on some hand stand challenges at the time, and I noticed one of the boy’s jaw literally dropped as he was watching her.  I couldn’t help but think of 1 Corinthians 1:27 “God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty.”push ups


God has been doing a major work within me as well.  After thinking, praying, and planning for the past couple years, we have decided to try to sell our house while we are out of town next month.  It was interesting to watch Jian working through the acceptance of her upcoming trial as I was working through letting go of our house.  Now I am actually looking forward to the opportunities that may lie ahead as a result.  God will work it out in His perfect timing, and hopefully we can share more exciting details soon.  But for now, we are getting laser focused on Jian, our trip to Baltimore, and praying for the best possible outcomes for her mobility.  And when any hint of doubt or fear creeps in, I turn it over to the One who is “able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think.”

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