Preparing to Meet our Girl!

On : 13 June, 2013 | Category : China

We had a relaxing day.  Our only task was to go to the airport and take a 2 1/2 hr flight to Changsha where we will meet Jian tomorrow.  Our guide is nice and very talkative.  She immediately started giving us information about Jian, making us both smile from ear-to-ear as proud parents.  Since Jian has lived at the orphanage for 8 yrs, she has developed a special relationshihp with the staff there.  They told her earlier this week that we were on our way, and she became very excited.  She boldly informed the orphanage director that she should come with her to meet us.  This is usually unheard of, but of course she agreed.  We were also told that usually just a staff member at the orphanage who understands the paperwork accompanies the child to Gotcha Day, but instead, Jian’s nanny is also going to come with her.


They bought all of their train tickets earlier this week, and then the orphanage director took Jian to have a special treat to KFC.  (Also unheard of!)  They were gathering Jian’s belongings to send with her, and they came across some clothes we had sent her a year ago.  They were size 6 and are still entirely too big for her.  The director told her that they are too big, so she should leave them there for the bigger girls to wear. She promptly told her “No, my mom and dad gave them to me and I will take them.  I’m sure one of us can wear them!”  If you know how “cheap” Daniel and I can be sometimes, you will appreciate that comment from our daughter!  I told our guide to let her have the clothes, and we will take more for the other children.  They said they have never seen a child be so protective of her family.  They also said they hope we know how “spicy” she can be, referring to her independence and strong will.  We both assurred them that this is exactly the quality that made us fall in love with her.  So, we will try to sleep tonight and meet her at 10 am tomorrow morning.  It will be 9pm on Sunday in Alabama.  Please pray that the day goes smoothly and that Jian will adjust well.

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