Progress with school and physical therapy

On : 29 August, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

Jian has completed almost two weeks of school now and is loving it overall.  She is excited to go “to work” and is slowly warming up to a few friends there.  She insists on eating the school lunch (to my dismay) but says that she likes it and gets full.  She really likes her teacher and the guidance counselor.  There is a binder that she brings home every day that contains papers and notes from her teacher, and Jian is religious about giving it to me immediately when she gets into the car.  She will begin going to ESL classes every day starting next week to focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing English.  She continues to say something new every single day and is understanding much more English already.  She really likes her physical therapist and is working with her regularly and making progress.


We had a bit of a disaster when we went to pick up the braces for her leg.  She took one look at them and shook her head and said she wasn’t going to wear them.  This turned into a 30 minute crying, panicked fit.  She has been so proud of herself for getting stronger, walking more and walking faster that I think she saw these things as a setback to her progress.  She is also so self conscious about being different and having others stare at her when she walks.  We have negotiated that she does not have to wear the big shoe with a lift on the bottom.  And she does not have to wear the big brace all the way up her leg.  But she needs to wear the small insert for her shoe to support her foot and ankle.  And she needs to start practicing with a small crutch when she walks.  And she needs to wear special shorts at home that help stretch her leg because it is currently stuck out to the side.  She is agreeable to doing these things at home.


We met with our translator this week, and the overall theme from the visit was making sure that she translated to me that Jian would like to watch more cartoons at home.  Jian told her this at least 3 times during the visit.  Then as we were driving away, she told me to stop the car. She rolled down the window and said something in Mandarin, and the translator reminded me again about the cartoons 🙂  I guess if that is her biggest complaint, we are doing pretty well!

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