Puppy Training and Piano Lessons

On : 3 February, 2015 | Category : 2015

Several weeks ago, Jian got in the car after school and told me she wanted to start taking piano lessons.  She is very smart and a fast learner and has very good fine motor skills.  We already have a small guitar and amplifier at our house (because Daniel decided years ago that he would take lessons, but then started a different hobby instead.)  We have planted little seeds with Jian that maybe one day she might want to learn to play the guitar.  But she has decided on the piano instead.  I let a couple weeks pass just to see if she was serious about it, and she wouldn’t drop it.  So we signed her up.  At her first lesson, she soaked up every instruction: how to sit, where to sit, how to hold her hands, how firmly to press the keys.  We bought her a keyboard to practice at home.  She was a little disappointed, because she had seen “those big black pianos,” which is more of what she had in mind.  She does have a taste for the finer things in life, and I have NO idea where she gets it…She has had a handful of lessons and learned to play several songs so far: Mary Had a Little Lamb, Jolly Ole’ St. Nicholas, and Old McDonald.



We have also been working on getting little Elsa trained.  She has really tested my patience.  We have resorted to crating her most of the time until she can get the whole potty training concept down.  We signed her up to go to Puppy Training classes, which were scheduled to start this Saturday.  Yesterday I got a voice mail from the teacher explaining that her dad was going to have surgery, so class has been postponed for 2 weeks.  Instead of being the bearer of bad news, I let Jian listen to the voice mail.  Her response was, “I wonder what’s wrong wiff her fadder.  We should pray for he.”  That sweet girl.  She constantly reminds me what this journey is all about.  The fact that her automatic response is to pray to a God who loves us and wants to help us is priceless.  A baby grand piano, on the other hand, not so much.


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