Remembering Ye Ye

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Medrith.  MG.  Sony.  Grandaddy V.  Grandaddy Veitch.  Grandad.  Big Daddy.  He was known as many different nick names to many different people, but to Jian, he was her Ye Ye.  Pronounced “yeah yeah,”  this is the Mandarin word for grandfather.  He was the only grandfather Jian has known, and even though she only knew him 4 months, she was very fond of him.  I love this picture from our homecoming at the airport because it is a true representation of him.  Always near, but never intrusive.  Diligently watching over his family and providing for them, but happy to allow us to live our lives the way that we chose.


From the first time Daniel introduced me to Grandad, I fell in love with him.  Everybody does.  Always smiling.  Always interested in what you had to say.  Never a negative word.  I felt at peace and completely accepted in his presence.  No hidden agendas.  No such thing as “in laws.”  I was his grandaughter.  He never ceased to amaze me with his meekness, genuine love and generosity.  When we first made our announcement to him of our adoption, he did not respond with any questions or doubts, only complete approval.  For the next year, he looked so forward to meeting Jian.  He came to our house to look at every detail of her room before we brought her home and was brought to tears by the love that he felt in the room.


Generally weak and walking with a cane, he was somehow the first person to run to the front of the line at the airport when we walked through the door with Jian.  She enjoyed playing and joking with him.  When we told her that he was sick, she started to have lots of questions and anxieties about getting old, being sick and dying.  We were advised to allow her to see him in his sedated state the day before he passed to help her understand the death process.  She took my iphone and started playing a song.  I whispered and asked her to turn the volume down.  She shook her head and pointed to him.  She wanted to play her favorite song for him.  No matter how long you knew Sonny, you loved him.  And his passing will certainly leave a wound on all of our hearts.

Ye Ye

Jian’s Ye Ye was the first to greet her at the airport to welcome her home

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