Second Day Went Great As Well!

On : 28 May, 2014 | Category : 2014

Jian woke up smiling and said, “I’m so glad we get to go back today.  It is so fun there.  I want to go every day!”  When we actually got there, she decided to test the 2 therapists a little bit.  They asked her to walk back to the treatment room using her cane and she gave them her best poker face and pushed the cane down.  After trying different tactics, they didn’t want to escalate the situation, so they gave her the choice of using her cane or holding the student’s hand, and she chose the latter.  They started this morning by letting her play a game on the ipad while they applied heat, massage and stretching to her left hip.  This is the biggest barrier for her.  If we can get that hip stretched and in alignment, many of her other issues would be much better.  I am going to make a commitment to helping her stretch it every day, which we were doing for a while but had been told by a Rehab Medicine doctor that it probably wouldn’t help much, so we have let it go by the wayside.


She went up and down stairs beautifully holding only one handrail today, which is a goal because of the 2 sets of stairs in our house.  I think I’m going to have a handrail installed on the left side of both of our stairs to allow her to be independent, since this is the side that she needs support on.  They introduced her to her therapy “suit” today.  It is kind of like a corset with all of these bungee cords coming off of it that you can attach cables to different leg muscles for strengthening.  She freaked out a little about the suit.  Also, it is a huge puzzle to solve due to the mal-alignment of her hips, leg length discrepancy, etc.  They ended up just letting her wear the part that goes on her trunk today to get used to it.  Friday they are going to call on some other people to help problem solve what to do about the suit for her legs.  The issue with her hips is such a puzzle for everyone who sees her.  I will specifically keep praying about that.  Every time they asked her to walk somewhere today, she refused her cane.  She agreed to go to this therapy in order to walk with independence, and that is what she is practicing.


Everywhere she went, she used no device today, walking as far as 24 feet without taking a break or holding on to anything.  She is refusing to work on walking with her backpack, which is a goal to achieve before next school year.  She needed help carrying her backpack and lunch bag all this year, and I really want her to gain independence with this before school starts back.  The last thing she did today was start at the bottom of an incline and push this huge round thing up a hill.  Then her reward was to get inside and let them roll her down the hill.  When she got to the bottom, she told the female student to get inside the circle.  The girl said, “I don’t think you can push it up the hill with me in it.”  You know what’s coming…she said “Oh yes I can!” and pushed it about 3 times before admitting that it was a little bit too heavy.  I love this girl and her determination.  We have a day to rest and will go back on Friday, which she is really looking forward to.

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